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22 March 2011

Pen It Down!

Write your goals and stick to it. Unless something reminds you to be back on track, you are more likely to be swept away, off the road.

Ever met a person without a concrete plan in life? Observe his lifestyle. Time passes and he's not even aware that opportunities knocked his door. There's a traffic light so we know when to gear up or full stop. There's an owner's manual so we can take the best out of the product we just bought.

Oh, I remember a delightful experience. During the first week of my married life, we bought a nice wooden closet. It was too easy to assemble, I supposed. So I asked the seller if there's an instruction manual inside so I could fix it myself and without any hesitation, he said yes. Great! I was too excited to build it up so we brought it home and got ready for the (mis)adventure. When I opened the box and laid all the parts on the floor, there was no instruction manual! Here, with the nails, screws, body parts and everything, totally didn't have any idea where to start. Then, I've found a very helpful prints on the box that show 15% of its finishing looks! I tell you, it took me 2 hours to fix it. This was learning and sweating, quite awesome experience.

When you don't have a project plan, don't expect your project will be launched soon. The world doesn't work that way. We may have an idea of the outcome, but unless we plot the steps on the sketch pad, we wouldn't know where to start.

Write your goals, before others write yours. Pray that you'll be able to accomplish your tasks and move to the next level. Create a blog. Grab a journal. Buy calendars. Read books. Attend seminars. Listen to podcasts. Be inspired! You are halfway to your dreams.

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