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14 March 2011

New Things

A bold question: What's new to you?

Well, new things make us excited. New shoes. New watch. New dress. New mobile phone. New car. New place to go. Even, new friends. New born baby is a source of joy for the parents.

Wonder what makes life boring? There's nothing new. No reason to get up from your lazy bed and catch the time to be in the office. Imagine if all you have for many years are the things you have now:

Same shoes. Same clothes. Same food to eat. Same phone. Same place.

You'll find yourself stuck in the same mindset and belief.

Turn on the TV. Imagine you are going to watch that TV show all day. Then, tomorrow it will be the same TV show, same episode, same sitcom, same...same..same... What do you think will happen to you?

Give yourself a little favor. Create. Discover new things. Play new video games. Explore.

Those who love books will agree with me. When I buy a book, I get excited as if it's the best book I've ever had. That's why, I keep on buying books. I'm excited on the new things I'll learn from it.

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