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09 March 2011

Raise Your Hand!!!

In my observation, successful people are those who volunteer themselves in a specific task and even it's out of their job descriptions, more often than not. That's what sales and marketing people are good at because they know that consistent exposures lead them to more sales. Connectors and networkers value volunteerism.

Why is it important? Top Executives look at those who could perform well. School teachers give credit to active students. Parents appreciate the helping child rather than the complainer. Each work done voluntarily has a value and I think it always work for our advantage. Just make sure it's out of passion, not for compensation. (Money will just follow those who have a good heart.)

Volunteers are endangered, like the wildlife. They are rare. You can only find few, if not a handful, in any existing organization. That's why I believe not everyone is a leader. Only few are willing to sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of a purpose. Some are settled already and change is not welcome anymore. The word "improvement" is not in their vocabulary.

If you are a leader, observe your people. The one who has the most number of volunteer works and doesn't complain got the "big picture". He values personal and organizational growth. Let him fly.

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