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28 February 2011

Starting Today

The more we think of yesterday, the more chances we are losing a great eye towards the future. I heard somebody said, “Keep an eye on the doughnut, not on the hole.” The way we see things has an implications to our future.

Attitude is contagious. If you'll buy the negative attitude of your neighbors, then don't blame them for your disappointments in life. Inevitably, you'll hear whispers of discouragement, discontentment and failure. When you start embracing those suggestions, you'll find yourself having the same language. Pitch your tent in a healthy place so you can adopt the success-mindset and victory-language.

Make your life productive rather protective. I mean, we ought to protect ourselves from failure. We guard ourselves from hurt to the point that we don't want to try again and be humiliated. Well, with much exaggeration, if 99% of the people around you are negative and 1% are the achievers then spend more time with the 1%. It doesn't matter if they are majority. The few are peculiar and makes a difference. Life is too short to focus at the doughnut's hole.

Today is a significant day to remember. Today, you are reading this blog entry and starts to think the good around you. You can be happy, successful and satisfied starting today. Happy day!

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