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25 January 2011

Beat the Red Light

I'm not referring to drivers out there. Unless, you might want to see the police officer or traffic enforcer sign up your name in that piece of paper for violation.

Something's gonna to stop you from reaching your goals. It could be frustration, disappointment or simply your neighbor. Just don't think by quitting you'll end up successful. When you see a red light, step on the accelerator. Even if you commit thousand failures, it doesn't matter. As you become successful, you'll forget the wounds caused by the struggles.

On the day of my graduation, I almost forgot being sleepless during examinations. I couldn't even remember the questions I answered, the grades I got, the meals I missed, the frictions I had with classmates, the time I spent in travel...I just know that day, I am done with schooling and I'm gonna work.

Think of the pregnant woman, the basketball MVP, the American Idol and Manny Pacquiao. In any battle, quitting is not an option. There should be no other way but to win. Keep that enthusiasm alive.

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