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21 January 2011

Chasing Success

We can't achieve success overnight. Several factors are needed to climb greater heights. It took me 14 years to finish my academic studies and I think a lifetime to learn more in life in general. I graduated from college but not from living my life. If there is a process, what should we do while striving to achieve our dreams? Let me share with you my thoughts about this.

Redefine success.
Basketball pointguards set plays to the team. But I tell you, when somebody had an opening, that man should shoot. Sometimes, things happen far from the gameplan. When opportunity comes, grab it. So, why do we need to redefine success? It makes us flexible. We may be thinking little and losing the big opportunities in front of us. Set your standards but don't limit yourself. Think both short and long term goals. Celebrate upon achieving your short goal and strive more for the longer one. Let your determination push you to shoot.

Align all your efforts.
Make a concrete plan. Practice dribbling and shooting if you want to be a basketball star. Act in front of the mirror if you want to be an actor. Tell stories to kids if you want to be a teacher. Study the laws and policies if you want to be a lawyer. Don't try to spend 90% of your time in cooking when your dream is to be a pilot. Master your craft first then make the others your hobbies. Take small steps that will lead you to your future success.

Be inspired- ALWAYS.
This one is might be so ideal. Could be difficult. We'd be shaken. We'd face criticisms. Detractors will arise and we'll lose our focus. On those days, catch inspiration. Read Joel Osteen's books. Watch Facing the Giants. Find a mentor or a life coach who can help you overcome your struggles. Pray and have faith. Play with the kids. Read an interesting article. Search biographies and study the life principles. Remember, you are responsible for the dosage of inspiration you take each day. It's life's vitamins.

The reason your car has a first gear is to remind you that you don't need to drive too fast at first. Befriend momentum. Understand phases. It will never be too late for you to start again, nor to late to get up from your mess. When that trophy falls in your hands, be thankful for the process you've been through that prepared you to become successful.

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