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28 January 2011

Your Best Shot

What if there is no room for mistakes? What if we can't afford to lose a ballgame? Ask ourselves. Are we doing our best all the time? Do we fall into mediocre trap more often than not?

Observe people who we tag as perfectionists. Well, they still exist at this generation. They are not easily satisfied. They follow lines on the paper, cut it straight, shapes should be precise, no dirt, not too loud...the "almost perfect" is not acceptable. Having one of them around you will challenge you to sweat a lot and give your best shot.

We must thank them. If not for them, we'll stay complacent. Everything will be mediocre, less of value and less significant. Who's gonna like the 85% good anyway? We can't just buy a car that's 12% less of quality. I mean, here's a sales person selling you a mobile phone that is "almost perfect", "almost done" or "didn't pass the quality control but it's ok to use"?

So simple but we often neglect this virtue. Excellence is not just being perfect. It's giving your best, finding solutions to problems, increasing the value of work and doing extra mile. The quality must be commendable, if not the best. It may be too difficult but setting a higher standard on ourselves speaks how we manage our work, time, relationships and contribution to the society we belong.

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