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20 January 2011

Good Noise

Compared to 2010's advent, 2011's New Year greetings were sent at Facebook rather than SMS. People shout on their walls what's on their mind. You'll find friends talking about the food they ate, the recent movie they saw, the gossip they got during the day...some even sell stuffs and brands solicit elusive "Likes". Everyday, we "hear" shouts from this phenomenal social networking site.

The noise we make is the silence within us. And the voice people hear from us has an impact to others. What we shout has a strong relation with what we think and feel. That's why the scripture says the mouth is the channel of the overflowing heart. In this modern times, our fingers do the work for our mouth.

We can't change what others heard from us but we can commit to be more careful on what to say. Are we going to inspire or tear down? It's good to examine each day what impact we brought to others, to family, friends, classmates, the people we meet.

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