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14 January 2011

From Imagination to Vision

In my early 20's, I got involved with a missionary organization. Then, summer in 2001 when one of my imaginations came true. It was my first time to ride an airplane! Whew! And, for first timers like me, I was pushed to sit at the window seat. When the airplane lifted, I felt like my soul left me and stayed in the ground. Some advised me that it would just like riding in a bus but your view would be clouds and sky.

After that experience, I cut the Philippine map from a magazine, posted it in the wall and pinned this little town in Visayas region, Bacolod City. Since that day, I decided to pin all the places where I have been.

Then time came when I imagined myself to travel abroad. I grabbed small Post It pieces and wrote the countries where I wanted to go and pasted them in my passport. The first country I visited was Hong Kong and got to meet Mickey Mouse in Disney and the dolphins in The Ocean Park. (And, let me share you a photo of me, my wife and sister-friend Sophia at Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam.)

It all started in a dream; a desire to travel to enjoy life's beauty. I imagined myself inside the airplane and it happened. But, it took months and years. Patience taught me to understand that what I imagine will take place but it only requires constant believing. It didn't happen overnight because there was a purpose why it has to be at the right time. Today, my vision is to travel around the world to spread Good News. It just keeps me more excited.

Same as you, my dear friend. You have great things in mind. You have dreams. You have a vision for yourself. I have learned that what we imagine may come true. Sometimes, it may not. We can change what we imagine, more often than not. But when you say it's your vision. It's going to happen. After all, your desire to make it happen will push you whatever it takes to fulfill that vision. So, keep your vision alive!

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  1. AWWWW.... this is soo true... I did this too Kuya.....but I laid hands on the things which are origin from the country I wanted to visit.

    btw. you pasted the countries where you wanted to go directly in ur passport?!?!?