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10 January 2011

Iced or Hot?

I prefer hot coffee, specially cappuccino and macchiato. I just like the idea of sipping it slowly. It makes me more interested to put the cup's bottom at the top with a very relaxing experience. After all, coffee shops are meant to be cool rather hot. The more time you spend sipping that coffee, the more you enjoy the ambiance of the place, the buzz of the people and of course, you enjoy the coffee you are holding.

As an individual, we have different preferences. Some loved tea more than coffee. Some are addicted to wine or alcohol. Some eat rather drink. I mean, we have different taste bud, and ear drum and heartbeat and retina. We are equipped with our own choices. So, if you asked for hot or cold coffee and it was delivered to you, don't complain. Let me stress my point.

It's dangerous to make a decision while burning in anger, struggling in a relationship, brokenhearted and dumped in failure. At that state, our emotions will force us to throw unnecessary and inappropriate words. Lest, we don't think much of the consequence of the decision but rather open a door for a quick escape. Then, later on, when we have realized that we have made a wrong decision, we regret.

We can't complain on the results, after all we allowed it to happen. We can't just give back what we asked for. We enrolled in course that we don't like just because after graduation you'll earn dollars or so. We eat the food we don't like just because it's cheap and blow all the napkins around to make even with your regret. We buy the shoes we were fascinated at and give it away once got home. We choose to be a loner because we are afraid to be hurt. So many things like that. Almost all around the globe. And, we are all victims.

Know what we want. Be firm with your goals. Strive to make way for your dreams. Don't waste time doing the things that distract you from winning. Run the race with focus and perseverance. At the end of the line, we'll find joy and satisfaction. But, rules have exceptions. You might be facing a choice you need to do even if you don't like it. That will require a great purpose behind it for you to pursue.

On the other hand, why do people make life decisions they will regret? They let their emotions rule. They didn't think about it and lay all possibilities. Or shall I say, we are human and not God. We ought not to be perfect because in making wrong decisions, we build trust to ourselves and faith to the Creator.

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