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10 February 2011

Off Cam

There are more than 6 billion people on earth and only a fraction of it know you. Who cares if you miss a thing? Only few would know it compare to the huge number of breathing humans on the planet.

Do ourselves a favor. Instead of feeling guilty and little self-pity, acknowledge what went wrong, admit the mistake and move on. Eat ice cream, watch movie, laugh and be happy. We have to be reminded that cameras won't focus on us all the time!

Moving on, we'll notice a big change in our perspective of failures. They are like stepping stones to success rather than stumbling blocks. In reality, we only got to see the real us during difficult times. Give a man too much work under the scorching sun and you'll know if he will remain a friend or will turn to a villain.

It's good to discover where we are weak at so we can improve it. And, it's better to know our strengths so we can build it.

Have fun in life.

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