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15 February 2011

Dress Up Inside Out

You are dressed up outside. Good-looking. So nice and neat. You look fresh. That is so important. The only thing that you need to remember when you land on a dream job or a big time project is to perform well.

You can speak fluently. You can recite the periodic table of elements. You are famous and makes money in an hour. Be responsible to yourself and guard your attitude because it may stink.

As we can see, the inner and outer self need constant check up, as what we do with our car. Both should be at its best condition. Otherwise, the weaker one will consume the other.

Dress up, fully, inside and out. People may judge us based on outward appearance and may neglect us without any hesitation. It happens to many, that includes me. Aspire to be trained by somebody you believe can boost your potentials. Seek trainings and get involved with personality development programs. Check the trends on business attire and choose colors that are appropriate for your skin tone. We may be born in a not well-off family but by being responsible with our words, actions and thoughts, we can meet success.

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