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08 February 2011

Significant You

The significance of the person doesn't come from what his bank statements says nor the awards he received. Those are just end results of sacrifice and hard work. What makes a person significant is the quality of heart.

Time will pass. Those who knew us may forget us. The awards and trophies may collect dust overtime. But those we've extended our hand will remember us, for years if not for a lifetime. That proves that helping others are more than our success.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with enormous wealth and numerous awards, in fact I want such achievements and financial stability. Let us just be reminded that there is a higher purpose for having them. We become significant by sharing what we have, not just money. That includes ideas, acquired knowledge and skills, counsel, books we read, encouragement, happiness, food...and whatever you can give.

I am so grateful for the people who patiently worked with and influenced me for this life principle. They have invested their time, money, skills, wisdom and heart to me. Without them, I may not share this with you today. So, won't you find someone to inspire with your life?

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