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22 February 2011


The very first person that we need to deal with is ourselves. Some of us don't know this. Some can't accept this. Some are happy to ignore this. We are bombarded with leadership principles, perhaps so much of it. The more we know, the more we want to rule and exercise our leadership skills. Little did we know, the person inside of us has consumed us.

I was part of theater productions. I was in the lead role at the same time scriptwriter of a segment. The real work is not in front of the audience, but behind that curtain, at the backstage. What people got to see are the results of intensive preparations. The team behind the camera orchestrated everything so that performers can concentrate on their acts. Same as I did a lead role in a music tv project. All I need to do was act while the directors, writers, cameramen, production designer and assistants were busy with all of the stuffs.

The real world is inside of us, not what people see with their naked eye, just like in a theater and TV productions. If we didn't see the problem inside, somebody has to suffer. It could be us, or the person around us. Think if the script is a junk, the director changes mood every hour, the assistants are uncooperative and wanted to be home, packs up and leave the set. Even if you have the best actors in the world, that project won't make it to the movie houses.

Same with us. The moment we have identified our own personal issues, we'd be free from throwing trashes to other people, inevitably, to the inner circle of our life. The Scripture says, "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Be true to yourself. Don't deny your mess. Clean it up. First the inside, then outside. Then, enjoy your life and make others happy.

Happy living!

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