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18 February 2011

Empowering Others

I've been writing about how we are able to inspire ourselves in spite of difficulties in life. That's good. Just early this morning, I have realized one thing I must have been missing to write. For you, my friend, who have read my entries since October 2010, now is the time build other people.

I wouldn't be here writing if not for the people who trusted me, who believed that I can make a difference and inspired me to raise my standards professionally. I have a handful of very busy people who takes time to meet me and help me grow. Why don't you take sometime to let your friends know how much you value them? Just like these successful men who became my life mentors. They already know who they are.

Cheer others up. Let them feel that you value them. Treat them for a snack. Listen to their stories. Hug them amidst pain. Tell them that you trust them and you believe they are going to achieve their dreams. Inspire them with a good book. Teach them what you know and encourage them that they can make even better.

I read in a book about this story. A young lady got to see the two most powerful leaders at that time. When asked how did she feel, she answered,"I felt this man was the cleverest man I've ever talked to while the other let me feel that I was the cleverest woman in the world."

Which one would you life to become? We are not alone on earth. Somebody out there needs you to tap their shoulders.

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