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01 February 2011

Must Try!

You might have noticed a part of this blog page that's categorized as WHITEBOARD. It's a gist of what I do for fun and living. My “whiteboard” is filled with many things, not necessarily related to each other but creatively and seamlessly woven in my life altogether. I may not know exactly how and why or simply, I am unique and so do you.

I landed on my first job that was too far from my college diploma in mass media. I found myself selling inspirational books. It came a time that I no longer sell books but this time, I sell the “inspirational” part of it . I think the reason why this blog is created, I must have been half-full of what I read and learned from others.

I tried lots of things- basketball, badminton, table tennis, fitness gym...acting, driving, public speaking, selling, marketing, advertising and so much more! The more I try new things, the more my life becomes exciting and fun to live with. Well, I may not so good about all of those but at least I have tried and have discovered what I am happy to do.

People who don't try won't fly. In my honest opinion, they fear the risk and lose opportunities. My advise is, pick those you think you'll be happy to do or have so no matter what happen, you'll end up satisfied and fulfilled. I couldn't drive a car if I think I'm gonna bump somewhere or I'm not gonna get a driver's license at all. Then just imagine those who never touch the newly launched mobile phone unit because of certain fear that it may explode.

This world doesn't require you to be good at everything. Trying is not a criminal offense and you won't be imprisoned for it. (Just don't attempt to steal or break in a grocery store or bank. You gotta bring pillows inside the cell.) So, be yourself, have fun, try new things and be happy. Then, fly!

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